You Really Don’t Know The Person Near You

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The person might be sitting opposite you or next to you right now.

They might be a “stranger” or occasional acquaintance.

They might be your spouse or life-partner.

But, you don’t really know them when they are in the depths of their own mind.

If you need their co-operation to achieve some goal, then you will be able to do so only through connecting with them at a point they understand and at which they trust you enough to let you connect.

That connection is critical to enhancing productivity between you. Power plays are not adequate to achieve effective co-operation or collaboration between you.

No matter who that other person is, you don’t/can’t walk in their shoes… you don’t/can’t read their thoughts… you can’t/don’t fall asleep in their mind each or any night. Neither can they do these same sets of things with you.

They are unique. Just as you are unique. We may at times think we know someone really well, just because at times they have allowed us to have an intimate glimpse into them. But humans are far too complex for that to be true.

Even psychiatrists who believe they know and understand many human behaviors are often still only “professionally guessing” about a particular person… and, in using the particular school of psychiatric thought with which they have been endowered in the learning process, their opinion about the person can be colored or limited.

If however, you try and make it clear that you try to accept people non-judgmentally as they are, you move a long way towards developing that trust between you that will allow you to get done the things you need to do in achieving the goals you want/need to achieve between you.

However, you must work towards polishing that trust linkage regularly… and, it’s absolutely imperative that you never let that chain of trust, rust!

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