Happiness is a Choice

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“I’ll be happy when… “ such-n-such an event or set of circumstances is achieved! You’ve heard it said, no doubt. But it’s one of the most dangerous and self-debilitating statements that anyone can make with happiness.

It’s tantamount to those “someday” or “one-day” statements where neither of those days is known days of any week anywhere on this planet.

There is clear research evidence from “laughing groups” that happiness is improved by being happy.

The right kinds of chemicals are released into the bloodstream enhancing the feeling of well-being.

Have you ever tried to deal with a person who acts like a dog with its tail between its legs?

Have you ever people-watched and wondered how you would deal with certain of the people you see walking along towards you where unhappiness is written large all over their face? Some of these people are quite young and that’s worrisome.

Have you ever seen people who walk around stooped with their head hanging down like the full weight of the world is on their shoulders: and they don’t have Herculean shoulders?

I’ve little doubt that some of these people have experienced hard lives or may still be so experiencing such hard lives (survival for many in domestic violence or other abuse situations is real) and we ought not to make judgment calls about them. But we need to try and get people to smile. To smile before the creases of unhappiness are etched permanently onto their face.

Have you ever met people who can’t seem to smile – people, who like an older relative used to describe them, as someone who had a face that would gap an axe!

Hard, cold and unsmiling faces that turn young face to being stone-like well before their time; and unnecessarily so even in old age.

Believe it or not, the evidence shows it’s easier to smile than to frown. Fewer muscles are required for smiling than for frowning.

Imagine the power you can have to get someone to work with you just through smiling.

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