The Monster in the room…

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Remember: “Mushrooms prosper by being kept in the dark and fed manure!”

Within the context of genetics and the environment within a mother’s womb, a baby when born is the most perfect human that it can be within the parameters surrounding its conception, womb development and birth.

Birth places a child on the starting blocks to launch into the swim-lanes of life.

Regrettably, too often, life for many becomes an agonisingly slow and debilitating waterway to non-individuality.

Our education systems demand we learn “certain stuff” that’s seen as essential to society and its productivity. Our social institutions demand that we behave in “certain ways” bringing about conformity – acceptance devolved to the lowest common denominator. Our commercial entities convince many that they are making individual choices, when in fact they want people to choose to be like others in the human herd. You need this kind of clothing, that kind of hair-style or make-up, this item to be a fashion leader (in the home, at work, in social settings and so on).

Television and other media outlets, either in the home, digitally or elsewhere, often become the school textbooks of adults. The adults think they are learning things. They think they are critically analysing what is feed to them so they are developing an informed opinion so as to make informed choices. They think they are simply being entertained. Rarely is any of this true. More often than not they are being fed propaganda messages in programs or news bulletins.

How good are your critical thinking skills? How often do you research ideas or opinions to become better informed? How often do you read, enquire or research anything outside your field of expertise, work or family/community opinions?

How often do you access the critical skills of the 8 Gentlemen of Thought (mentioned in my book Integrative Leadership in Projects): How? When? Where? Why? Who? What? Does it matter? Is it time to walk away?

To grow and prosper as a human, you need to do everything possible not to stay in the dark and live solely on ill-informed opinions of others! Learn to unlearn the propaganda that you’ve been feed so that you can learn to critically evaluate everything new and decide what to make yours! Learn to reflect so that you can celebrate maximum development and completion of the perfectly imperfect human that is you!

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