What makes a good leader?

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That makes a good leader? Just like what is the best leadership style? There is no magical or enchanted formula nor is there one answer that fits to all. Perhaps we should agree on what has been proven to result in a good leader? Some might have faith that a good leader can be measured from a qualitative perception, in the sense that he or she has built a status of being a good boss! We should use a more measured approach to define just what makes a good leader.

What is a Leader is defined as “a credible person who can alter one’s thought, feelings or actions in a manner that solicits others to pursue the achievement of a common goal.” Thus, a good leader is someone that can sustain the enlistment of others in order to pursue a common goal.

At the commencement, you need to be opened-minded and willing to put in hard work! But if you’re passionate about becoming a pronounced leader, then it can be a gratifying adventure. Becoming a good leader does not mean becoming perfect, it’s more like understanding your imperfections and learning to work with them.

The Essential Leadership Qualities

Integrity is feasibly the most valued and respected quality of leadership and one of the most important management skills you need to attain. By saying what you’ll do and then be doing what you say, you will build trust in your team.

Do you stand up and speak out for what you accept as true?

Do you demonstrate the audacity to stay the course when the going gets tough and the outcome looks ambiguous?

What makes a good leader is the ability to stay composed and in control, especially when everyone around them is wondering whether it’s the right decision or if it was a mistake to commit to a specific course of action.

When you radiate confidence in yourself, in the decision, and in the people around you, you inculcate the same feelings and attitudes in others.

Leaders have what is called “courageous patience.” Between the decision and the result, there is always a phase of uncertainty and hesitation when no one knows if the effort is going to be efficacious or not.

To be a successful leader, you must effort to have these vital leadership qualities.

Believe In Yourself

Management guru Jim Collins uses the phrase “Level 5 Leadership” to describe the attributes of the best leaders, those who build great companies.

Out of all the existing leadership qualities, the most captivating and unique characteristic of level 5 is an often misjudged attribute: humility.

As it happens, humility doesn’t actually mean being humble or modest. . .

“Humility simply means you have a burning, driving, relentless ambition to serve and to win,” Collins says, “Without the arrogance to delude yourself into believing that you are all knowing or always right.”

As a Level 5 Leader, you don’t believe you are perfect. You must, however, believe in oneself, and be convinced that you have what it takes to be successful and that you can get better.

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