Do you have a best “Pain-in-the-A” friend?

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My very dearest best friend of some twenty years periodically reminds me: “I love you dearly, but you are a real “pain-in-the-A at times.”

Perhaps you think I should be offended? In fact, I’m not! I’m actually tickled by the compliment that she is paying me. We worked together for the first seven years or so of our acquaintance. We’ve remained friends ever since and consult each other about various topics.

Many years ago, I asked her what she meant at a time when I wasn’t at all sure about what she meant by that very explicit statement about me. She explained it this way.

“You make me think! You force me to challenge myself. You cause me to think about things that I haven’t thought about for some time, if at all. You help put things in perspective. You get me out of myself and into the real world. You are just a “pain-in-the-A” for those and so many other things that you make me look at differently!”

As for me, an introvert in the extreme, I see just about everyone I meet as a “pain-in-the-A” stranger who could be a friend. The vast majority of people I meet force me to think about something new… or, something old but in a different way… or, to wonder at the immensity of human capability in dealing with the diversity of the human race.

Do you have a really good “pain-in-the-A” friend with whom you can reflect and celebrate?

If you haven’t, then get one… or more! They are really good to have around. They can be a sounding-board… or, a mentor… or, someone you can be quiet with from time to time so as to allow your busy brain to simply quiet itself down as you try to figure out some challenge or other.

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