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    By Payal Jain

Along with the evolution of the world, the job trends, as well as job descriptions, are also evolving and changing accordingly. So, it becomes important to design your career so well that your role becomes vital and stays in demand for some years.

In this article, you will explore five such professions, that are emerging as well as long-standing.

Career #1: Healthcare:

Recently, data issued by the Internationally shows that an increasing population is a reason that will put the healthcare professionals such as doctors, physical therapists, nurses and pharmacists in more demand. The same data shows that around 4 million jobs will soon be added to this sector in the current year.

  • Healthcare Education and Skills:

Low-skilled and lesser paid workers such as helpers may need only a certification course, while the Healthcare people such as doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and pharmacists need specific schooling after completing their respective graduation courses from college. Those who are willing to opt into this field as their career must prepare early by selecting the specialized subject in college courses such as pre-med, biology, and science. Everyone needs to ensure life-time experiential learning and developing their skills for thinking about how to make continuous improvement in what they do.

Career #2: Information Technology:

Technology and its use is about innovation. We all know that technology is changing and evolving in itself every day. Computers and Smartphones are considered the technological milestones that have completely changed the way we look at business and communicate with each other. As the technology is developing, the Information Technology (IT) professionals such as programmers, coders, surveillance specialists, as well as the administrators will be constantly in high demand. Nevertheless, some specialists are hard to find.

  • Information Technology Education and Skills:

Those who are IT professionals must enjoy detailed thinking about process flow. But they must be creative-minded when it comes to solving the technical problems. Anyone who is interested in joining this field can apply for the coursework as well as the majors in areas such as networking and security, computer science and innovation, and applied computer science. Further they can undertake specific certifications with major hardware and software manufacturers. As this field is changing rapidly, those who are willing to secure the best positions must stay current with those frequent changes in the technology by participating in cutting-edge workshops and certification.

Career #3: Alternative Energy:

Alternative energies such as wind power, hydrogen power, geothermal power, and solar power all have an ability to create many new careers, from mechanical and the plant managers to the scientists and engineers.

  • Alternative Energy Education and Skills:

Those who are blessed with the scientific minds and enjoys the research and cares about the future of our planet are considered as a perfect candidate for the career in Alternative energy. As this field is gaining more popularity day by day, the universities have started offering the associates degrees, the bachelor’s degrees, as well as MBAs in the green energy.

Career #4: International Law:

As the prominence of global business and trade is growing, organizations are looking for individuals who possess the education, skill set and experience to guide them along and through the labyrinth of areas like international law, tax codes, and even ethics.

  • International Law Education and Skills:

All individuals who are willing to enjoy the benefits of this trend are required to have a law degree with an international law as their major course subject. Superior communication skills, as well as fluency in one or more languages will be considered very helpful. This certainly will be a future trend for all those individuals who are willing to live in different countries over the course of years following this pathway.

Career #5: Content Creation:

Along with the change in the world, marketing is becoming more education-based and less sales-based. Demand for business writers who specialize in writing blogs, newsletters, special reports and website articles will be increasing also. Many people, especially business people, have major difficulties with writing. Most written material in the world today is not self-created, even for books. Those with the skills to write and to write well will have a key future in this industry.

  • Content Creation Education and Skills:

No specific education or degree exists for professionals who are masters in content creation. A bachelor’s degree is a useful starting point, with extra education in the areas of writing specialization. However, there are no mandatory requirements that necessarily include or exclude someone from this career pathway. Conversion of experiential knowledge into content is very valuable. The Individuals who opt into this field as their career must be good in communication and writing skills, and also must be highly innovative and original in their thinking.

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