About Us

My Personal and Our Team Business Mission

Our mission is to help revitalise our communities, organisations and economies starting with each person, so as to enhance productivity through ethics of personal leadership and responsibility, respect and understanding of others, and, the ability to influence others to goals commitment. We aim to provide sufficient support to ensure embedment of new knowledge and skills at a practical level for all members of teams in all situations.

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Neville Garnham – CEO & Managing Director

Level 19 AMP House 10 Eagle Brisbane Qld 4000 Australia

+61 (0) 7 3199 4799 (8:30 am to 5:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time)

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Our Business

Every product/service of private or public sector or not-for-profit organisations is delivered to people, for people, by people.

Technical skills alone (no matter what profession or role or trade) are inadequate without effective “people skills” to help it to happen. Inadequate people skills have hard costs to businesses in any sector and to individuals in their career path. It’s critical to develop effective people skills to enhance careers and produce efficiency that increases profit and enhances careers.

Our Team

Our team is a distributed and outsourced combination of hand-picked highly qualified people (often former members of staff or students) who ensure that you get the best from your team to achieve your well-defined goals. We help you define those goals, if they are unclear. Then we help ensure they are met across a range of industries in which our team has experience.

We are Queensland-based but internationally focused on leadership in program/project services, consultancy, training, public speaking and philanthropic works. Our passionate team provides incredible support to you and your objectives, backed up by all members of our team and our director.

Together our professional careers have ranged through all facets of change in various strategic P3M (Portfolio/Program/Project) initiatives. Industries include education, housing, transport, real estate, construction (built environment and water/waste-water), food (hospitality and distribution), mining, research, as well as, Information and Communication Technology. Programs have covered all tiers of government and NFP community-based child care centres.

Our people have a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, legal, financial, risk, psychology and other fields which we combine to bring to you the very best of what you need and want. Their experiences range across all tiers of government, as well as, the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Our Director

Neville’s books Integrative Leadership in Projects, Tomato Soup Heaven and other articles give readers the benefit of more than five decades of experience in leadership, management and practical business training for success.

His skills are always in demand across many roles. Some initiatives have expanded from local/regional to State and Commonwealth levels, leaving a lasting positive legacy over his time.

He has developed and reviewed many business cases and is a qualified Gateway reviewer. He is committed to the view that professional and technical skills (in any discipline) must be developed by individuals to the fullest extent possible. However, they must be enhanced with effective “people skills” that ensure collaborative processes delivering products/services to people, for people, by people.

In 2013-2014, Neville lectured in project management at Bond University on Australia’s Gold Coast. Since March 2008 he presents practitioner quest lectures to postgraduate students at the University of Southern Queensland. He has and still coaches/mentors MBA and PhD students, as well as, teams and individuals to assist them to get the best out of what they do and contribute to making a difference in this world for themselves, families and those they love. Personal leadership is key in this learning and the skills learned need to be honed regularly.

Productivity starts and ends with people. From a life, family, career, business perspective it starts with each of us. Technical skills are never enough. People skills require Perspective + Respect + Service in every activity and decision.