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Do you have a best “Pain-in-the-A” friend?

My very dearest best friend of some twenty years periodically reminds me: “I love you dearly, but you are a real “pain-in-the-A at times.” Perhaps you think I should be offended? In fact, I’m not! I’m actually tickled by the compliment that she is paying me. We worked together for the first seven years or Read More

Start-up or BAU has some fundamentals

  To create an extraordinary company, hire great people and cultivate great teams, Dahl underscores. “Invest in their development and success. Outward excellence in any area–moral excellence or programming excellence–ultimately comes out of the internal excellence of individuals and groups.” The final goal is living life well, but practical perception also applies to minor goals, Read More


Are you fearless? How was your fearlessness achieved? Is “Just do it!” fearlessness or stupidity? It makes me nervous when I see the rampant usage of “fearless” in various advertising campaigns. It’s not confined to promotion of extreme sports or adventurous activities. There are universities that promote the idea that “Fearless begins here!” Now I Read More