Do you have a best “Pain-in-the-A” friend?

My very dearest best friend of some twenty years periodically reminds me: “I love you dearly, but you are a real “pain-in-the-A at times.” Perhaps you think I should be offended? In fact, I’m not! I’m actually tickled by the compliment that she is paying me. We worked together for the first seven years or Read More

Leading from where?

Imagine you… yes, YOU… being told the following in a one-on-one discussion by a senior executive person in a large organisation. “We’re really pleased to have you as part of this new team, which is going to make great transformational change within this business. It’s going to be fantastic and I know you are excited Read More

S/he’ll grow into it!

Have you been a parent? If you have, then I’m sure you’ll have recollections of visits by grandparents or other relatives or friends who haven’t seen your children for some time. Invariably they bring gifts for your child, having spent considerable time prior to their visit agonisingly reflecting about how big they expect your child Read More

The value of failure…

All human activities fail, at least sometimes. I keep reminding undergraduate and post-graduate students that some of the greatest project failures have been the biggest money-earners for some companies. Shifted perspective was the by-line that turned failure to success. In the 1970s a company set out to develop and manufacture “the strongest adhesive” in the Read More

Creative types!

I’ve seen so many people shudder when the idea of being creative is raised. Most of these same people let their imaginations run wild in their childhood as they imagined themselves as knights, princesses, dragon-slayers, firemen, nurses, doctors, policemen or policewomen; as well as a myriad of other occupations that took their fancy in their Read More